Module 2: Course Structure


Welcome to Module 2! This module will introduce you to the structure of your course. Please take a minute to watch this introduction video. 

Module Goals

Upon the completion of this module, you will:

  1. Recall how to navigate your course.
  2. Identify your course’s schedule
  3. Identify the basic structure of a Blackboard course. 

To Do List

  • Watch: Module 2 Introduction Video (LO1, LO2)
  • Read: Navigating the Course Menu (LO1, LO2)
  • Watch: Course Menu (LO1)
  • Complete: Weekly Schedule (LO3)

Required Readings

Navigating the Course Menu

To navigate your Blackboard courses you will need to use the course menu that is found on the left-hand side of the screen. From this menu, you will be able to access course content, grades, announcements, and much more.

The table below provides the default course menu and a description. Please note that instructors can add, remove, and rearrange items in the course menu.

Menu Item Description
Welcome This folder contains important information about your course such as objectives, how it’s organized, and instructor response time.
Syllabus Access your course syllabus, institutional policies, student support services, and COLTT Help Desk information.
About Your Professor Learn more about your professor.
Course Materials All course content such as documents, assignments, tests and discussion boards can be located inside this folder.
My Grades Use this link to access your grades in the course.
Announcements Important announcements from your instructor can be viewed on this page.
Course Messages Use the Course Messaging tool to easily communicate with your professor and other students in the course.
Blackboard Collaborate If enabled, Blackboard Collaborate allows you to join a virtual classroom to view lectures, attend office hours, and more.
Blackboard Support Need assistance with Blackboard? This link can be used access Blackboard support resources or to contact the COLTT Help Desk staff.
Course Technology This page provides a list of the hardware and software needed to be successful in the course.
Institutional Policies Policies such as disability accommodation, mandatory course evaluation statement and sexual harassment statement can be found via this link.
Student Support Services This page provides a list of Academic Support Services available at the University.


Course Menu (FIUOnline)


Weekly Schedule

For this activity, please navigate to each of your course’s schedule and identify the following. 

  • What day the module starts and ends.
  • When assignments are due and at what time.
  • List of all major projects and exams, and their due dates.
  • List of weekly recurring weekly activities such as readings, discussion boards, assignments. 

Next, fill out the Weekly Schedule Template using the information you just identified. Using the example, create a weekly schedule of when you plan on working on your coursework. Please include the estimated number of hours you plan working that day. This will help you schedule and balance other commitments. You will submit this document via the Online Orientation folder in your Blackboard course.