Module 1: What is Blackboard


Welcome to Module 1! This module will introduce you to Blackboard Learn, our university’s Learning Management System. Before you begin, please take a minute to watch this brief introduction video. 

Module Goals

Upon the completion of this module, you will:

  1. Recall the process for logging into Blackboard
  2. Recall how to navigate Blackboard. 
  3. Identify the expectations of being an online learner. 

To Do List

  • Watch: Module 1 Introduction Video (LO1, LO2)
  • Read: What is Blackboard? (LO1, LO2)
  • Read: Online Learner Expectations (LO3)
  • Read: Navigating the My Courses Page (LO2)
  • Watch: Global Navigation and My Blackboard (LO2)
  • Watch: Changing the Language of the User Interface (LO2)

Required Readings

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard Learn or Blackboard for short is the tool that you’ll be using during for your online courses to access your course material, submit your assignments, and view your grades. All students are automatically given access to Blackboard and their courses on the first day of the term. Students can access Blackboard by visiting and clicking the Blackboard icon under Applications, or by downloading the Blackboard App in your device’s app store. 

Online Learner Expectations

Whether you’re new to online learning or a veteran online student, it’s important to set the learner expectations. As an online student it is essential that you are self-disciplined and self-motivated. Online learning takes full commitment and self-discipline to keep up with the course schedule. You are also expected to be comfortable with technology. This includes knowing the basics such as sending and receiving email, downloading and installing software, and using office applications such as Word and PowerPoint. 

We’ve also provided the following tips that we recommend you follow for online learning success. 

  • Explore Blackboard and become comfortable with it. (You’re already on the right track for taking this orientation).
  • Devote 5 to 10 hours per week, per course. 
  • Login to Blackboard daily. 
  • Read all the text in your course. 
  • Take Notes
  • Prepare for Audio/Visual Components such as live synchronous sessions. 

Navigating the My Courses Page

#Module TitleDescription
AGlobal Navigation & LogoutUse the Global Navigation to access My Blackboard, your Blackboard Settings, Social Tools. The logout button is also located here. 
BTop NavigationThe top navigation provides access to My Courses, the Student Support Tabs, and any additional tabs for which you have access to. 
CSecondary NavigationThe secondary navigation provides links to any additional pages within the Top Page Navigation. 
DImportant AnnouncementsAny important announcements such as upcoming maintenance or known issues will appear here. 
EMy CoursesAll academic courses will be available here. 
FMy AnnouncementsAnnouncements made in any course and organization will appear here. 
GTrainings & OrganizationsIf you’re enrolled in any trainings or organizations, their Blackboard shell will appear here. 
HCourse SearchUse the organization search tool to self-enroll in an open course.
IAnnouncementsAdditional university announcements and services will be made available here. 
JOrganization SearchUse the organization search tool to self-enroll in a training or organization course.
KCOLTT Help DeskHaving trouble with Blackboard? Contact COLTT for assistance. 


Global Navigation and My Blackboard

Changing the Language of the User Interface